Our mission, values and goals | Homepage of DW's corporate website. | DW | 01.02.2023
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About DW

Our mission, values and goals

DW's object is the provision of impartial news and information and the promotion of cultural dialogue and freedom of opinion.

What we do

  • We provide impartial news and information for audiences worldwide and produce content "Made for Minds." As Germany's international broadcaster our programs reflect Germany as a liberal democracy rooted in European culture. We also produce distinctive, regionally relevant and dialogue-based content in 32 languages.

Who we are

  • Employees from more than 140 nations supporting DW in fulfilling its mission to promote understanding among different cultures and nations.

Our brand core

  • Unbiased information for free minds

Our mission

  • As an international broadcaster, we provide impartial news and information giving people worldwide the opportunity to form their own opinions, assess issues of local and global significance so that they could participate in social debates as active and informed citizens.

Our vision

  • By 2025, DW will become an essential source of digital information that inspires its target groups with regionally relevant, on-demand content that promotes dialogue. DW Akademie will be Europe's leading institution for media development.

Our values

We are open-minded, rational and straightforward. We stand for freedom, dialogue and expertise. Our values are:

  • We are open-minded – our diversity is our greatest strength.
  • We are rational – we deliver work of the highest quality; our independence and expertise are the foundation of DW.
  • We are straightforward – we hold strong opinions and are always focused on what matters.
  • We support the values of freedom worldwide. We are independent, critical and take clear positions.
  • We encourage dialogue and promote the exchange of ideas.
  • We bring expertise – we communicate with clear facts, sound knowledge and relevant information that empower people to make informed decisions.

Our audience

  • We reach out to young people, opinion leaders, those actively involved in public debate, and everyone striving to understand what is happening in the world.
  • Our German language content caters to German speakers abroad and German language learners and educators.

Our focus

  • Our audiences are at the heart of everything we do. They turn to DW because we report independently on what is changing the world politically. We tell solutions stories that promote dialogue and reflect DW's objects around six topic areas.

Our focus topics

DW's distinctive content centers around six focus topics that promote:

  • Freedom and human rights
  • Democracy and good governance
  • Free trade and social justice
  • Technology and innovation
  • Health education, nutrition and environmental protection
  • German and European culture
EINSCHRÄNKUNG DW Personenfoto | Corporate Communications | Carla Hagemann

Carla Hagemann

Corporate Spokesperson and Head of Corporate Communications


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