Compliance and Corruption Prevention Officer | Organization | DW | 01.03.2024
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Compliance and Corruption Prevention Officer

Lisa Schmitz oversees all DW's compliance functions and is the contact person for corruption prevention.

The values and principles, norms and standards that we communicate and promote worldwide are also practiced at DW. It is essential for us to act in accordance with the law. 

The Compliance Department ensures that Deutsche Welle complies with laws and regulations. As a global media company with a legal mandate, we have a special responsibility towards users, project, sales and business partners, society and the environment. The Code of Conduct describes how we fulfill this responsibility internally and externally, how we shape our daily actions and how we treat each other. DW has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination. 


Lisa Schmitz, DW Compliance Officer since March 2024, advises management, executives and employees on applicable regulations, ensuring preventive measures to avoid violations are taken whenever possible. She oversees the ongoing review of rules and processes while ensuring that possible violations are objectively investigated and resolved. 

Prevention of corruption

The Compliance Officer is also the contact person for the prevention of corruption in accordance with point 5 of the Federal Guidelines for the Prevention of Corruption in the Federal Administration. As such, she is a direct point of contact both internally and externally. If there are indications of corruption-related facts, she immediately informs the Director General, provided that prior agreement on disclosure has been agreed with the reporting individual.  

The term corruption is not defined and can simply be described as any form of abuse of entrusted power. If you have factual knowledge or suspicion of corruption by DW bodies, you can contact us directly at, use the digital Whistleblower Portal or contact DW's External Corruption Officer. As an independent lawyer outside of Deutsche Welle, she can grant confidentiality based on the legal obligation to maintain secrecy and the procedural right to refuse to testify.   

Internal reporting office under the HinSchG  

To prevent violations of laws or regulations and to avoid harm to DW and our employees, we accept reports of possible misconduct. If you have a business relationship with DW, you may report violations of law or regulation under the Whistleblower Protection Act through any of the following channels:

Detailed information on the German Whistleblower Protection Act (Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz – HinSchG) can be found on these pages (in German) of the Federal Office of Justice, which also serves as an external reporting office.   

Contact the DW investigative team  

Please click here if you would like to submit confidential tips to the investigative journalist team. 

Lisa Schmitz studied law at the University of Mannheim and completed her legal traineeship at the Regional Court of Aachen.